Problems You Have, We Solve

Fygment Productions is our lab for community building and content but like you, we can’t give away our time for free. DDC allows us to share our time with purpose driven organizations instead of hiring unproven firms.

What We Do

What We Do

Sales Consulting
Customer Development
Product Marketing
Brand Storytelling
Event Management
Press Outreach
Content Marketing
Graphic Design*
Social Media Management/Campaigns

(*We work with designers, and can manage these efforts)

What We Don't Do

What We Don’t Do

We are happy to make referrals for the following services or manage them as part of a monthly retainer.

Software Development
Affiliate Marketing
Web Analytics
Direct/Transactional Selling

What We Typically Get Paid To Do

Ineffective Sales & Marketing

Ineffective Sales & Marketing

Need help with your CRM (or don’t even know what that is)?  Feel like nobody can carry the mission forward when they aren’t around you?  It’s rarely bad people that are bad communicators but that doesn’t stop countless hours of wheels spinning if the proper training... read more
Social Media Aches & Pains

Social Media Aches & Pains

It’s not fast or always pretty but an online presence is more important than it’s ever been.  Don’t have $10,000+ per month to run a channel and create content?  Neither does 99% of businesses operating today – we can help. What you get: Content Strategy: Part... read more
My Story Is Boring

My Story Is Boring

You are cheaper, better, and faster than your competition? So is everyone else.  You impact a community more than another non profit?  Not on paper.  You have assembled evidence and countless facts that make your point but nobody will read them?  The right people... read more
I Stumbled Going To Market (or raising money)

I Stumbled Going To Market (or raising money)

You had an amazing product or service but nobody got it? You are not alone.  We help meaningful products and services restate their value in simple and clear terms that people react to. What you get: Content Review: We take a look at EVERYTHING you use to sell... read more

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