Need help with your CRM (or don’t even know what that is)?  Feel like nobody can carry the mission forward when they aren’t around you?  It’s rarely bad people that are bad communicators but that doesn’t stop countless hours of wheels spinning if the proper training and materials aren’t in place for even the most savvy salespeople.  We can help.

What you get:

Content Review:
We take a look at EVERYTHING you use to sell your product and services in our initial audit.

Reporting and Metrics (and a CRM setup):
We’ll help you upload/setup your customer pipeline and make sure you or your managers understand how to review with salespeople their current goals and expectations.

What elements and content will make your product/service obvious to the consumer (or business).  What collateral or content should you create (keep in mind, we don’t directly do the design but happy to oversee the process).

Training & Reviews:
We’ll take your underperforming or all stars and make them more efficient and effective with hands on training (individual or group).