You are cheaper, better, and faster than your competition? So is everyone else.  You impact a community more than another non profit?  Not on paper.  You have assembled evidence and countless facts that make your point but nobody will read them?  The right people aren’t paying attention to you?  It’s likely because you lack a human story.

What you get:

Organized – Regardless of how you engage with us the first step is always an audit of what you have (people, content, media, etc) and what elements can be used to communicate effectively your ask (that pesky thing that gives you the resource, likely money, that you need).

Accountable – A clear plan (minimum 3 month program) that highlights how to have your story rise.  We don’t gimmick or game the Internet to help people find you, if that’s you, there’s a snake oil sales person eager to take your money.

Content – There’s a limit to our creative design skills (we subcontract 100% of illustration and design) but the words and delivery in the form of email, events, documents, or video are all elements we coach and outline for you to make your own.